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Course Features

The school focuses on the comprehensive and balanced development of children, and regards early childhood education as a collaborative activity, encourages teachers and students to actively interact, and gives children the opportunity to explore, think, ask, discuss, operate, verify and express opinions freely. We also emphasize that the process of education is as important as its results, and encourage children to experience it firsthand and learn in the mode of "personal experience, free exploration, and active creation". Therefore, when designing curriculum activities, we promote child-oriented activities and integrate various fields, adding 5E teaching elements (including: environment, experience, exploration, expression, empowerment), and designing teaching activities and layouts in different game forms. The learning environment also extends the daily teaching goals with diversified learning corners. It is hoped that through the interesting learning environment, children can be inspired in the essence of active learning and inquiry, and cultivate good learning attitude and integrity.

In addition, the curriculum of our school runs through six major areas of learning experience, including language (biliterate in written Chinese and English and trilingual in Cantonese, Putonghua and spoken English), mathematics for young learners, nature and life, physical fitness and health, art and creativity, individuals and communities. We provide diversified theme teaching and project studies (picture books). We also use multimedia learning platforms, outings, simulation activities, group experiments, etc. to expand children’s learning areas, gain knowledge from activities and improve problem-solving skills and foster good character and correct values. We will also make appropriate modifications through continuous assessment and reflection courses to match the development of children.

In addition to the school-based social workers, the school also participates in on-site support services to care for students with different developments and provide support for students and families.

In addition, our school also has English teacher with masters degree and university degree, as well as foreign English teacher specializing in teaching English courses, and classes are taught in group teaching. We use theme based textbooks and multimedia learning platforms, and through storytelling and role playing , children’s songs singing, games playing and other forms of teaching, children can learn English conversation (Oral), English reading (Phonics) in a happy and natural surrounding.

The school also specializes in Putonghua specialist teacher, and the teacher designs enriching and interesting courses, with role-playing, storytelling, nursery rhymes singing, games playing and other activities to teach children real life language through play.

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