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School development

and teacher professional development

Completed project:

-  From 2007 to 2010, the Society of Voice Education was accredited in 2010

-  Director Ming fan Kwok won the Outstanding Teacher Award

-  2009-2011 Chinese University "Assessment to Promote Children's Learning" School Optimization Project

-  2011-2012 Education Bureau Kindergarten School-based Support Project "Assessment to Promote Children's Learning"

-  2012-2013 Drama Teaching Quality Education Fund Collaboration Project

-  2012-2014 Parent-Child Love Sports Quality Education Fund

-  2013-2014 "Curriculum Leadership Development and Quality Preschool Education Program" of the School of Education, Chinese University

-  YMCA registration service

-  Heep Hong Society Pre-school Rehabilitation Service Pilot Project

-  "Jockey Club School Kids Keep-Fit Formula" project

-  Education Bureau Kindergarten School-based Support Group Mainland and Hong Kong Teacher Exchange and Cooperation Project (2016-2017)

-  Professional Training Course for Kindergarten Leaders in the 2016-2017 School Year

-  Japanese Kindergarten Investigation Course 2015/2016

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